Russian M1895 Nagant

Example of a Russian M1891 Nagant Revolver

Russian m1895 Nagant revolver: Come see these 7 shot revolvers. Each revolver comes with an authentic holster and lanyard. These are genuine issue Russian revolvers.   This Russian made service revolver is single or double action,  It is unique in that the cylinder travels forward and contacts the barrel cone to prevent gas leakage.  These are the only revolvers that you can put a silencer on!

My God man what happened to the price & availability of these?

We have somehow managed to acquire a few more.

$325 shipped to your FFL/C&R.

(We also have 7.62×38 ammunition)

Weight     1.8 lb (0.8 kg), unloaded
Length     10.5 in (235 mm)
Barrel length     4.5 in (114 mm)
Cartridge     7.62x38mmR (7.62 mm Nagant)
Caliber     7.62mm
Action     Double action, Single-action
Rate of fire     14-21 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity     750 ft/s (272 m/s)
Effective range     25 yds (22 m)
Feed system     7-round cylinder
Sights     Fixed front post and rear notch

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