Finnish Mosin Nagant’s

These Finish m39 rifles have an interesting history and are perhaps the most sought after milsurps on the market.  Many of the m39′s were captured from the Russians during WWII and were re-barreled with match grade barrels (nice tight bores).  Some were made from existing supplies of Finnish rifles, and I have even seen a few that were made on recycled m27 actions!

The Finnish m39 Mosin-Nagant are one of the finest examples of the Mosin Nagant rifle ever built.  Most of these rifles were made too late to see action in the Winter War but you can bet that most of them saw action in the Continuation War.

Overall Length – 46.75″
Barrel Length – 27″
Weight – 9 lbs., 8 ozs.
Rifling – 1 turn in 9.5″
Bore diameter – .310″

We had a  m39 made in 1968!  These are sometimes referred to as a “sneak” or “no name” m39.  These were assembled from parts that were made from 1939-45.  Most of these rifles have been shot very little and saw no action in WWII (meaning they usually look very good & they are tack drivers).

Built on Russian Izhevsk receiver (1896).

Matching bolt handle – serial # 3612.

Right side view of 1968 m39.

Left side view of 1968 m39.

Right side view of forearm showing arsenal repairs (plugs).

Right side view of stock showing arsenal repairs (plugs).

Top view of m39 showing production date & matching serial # 303612.

We currently have one SAKO 1941 m39 in stock.  She’s in a correct WWII stock (beautiful rifle).  Priced at $469.

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