Yugo M24/47 Mausers

These Mausers were rebuilt by the Yugoslav government after WWII.  Almost all of the original markings were ground off and the Yugoslav Communist Crest and other marking were engraved onto them.  Every now and then you can see the original faint markings that were on the receivers.  New barrels & stocks were put on the rifles.  Most of the m24/47′s were put into war reserve as the  m48 Mausers debuted in 1948.  These are the best bang for the buck Mauser that you can buy as they are in just about arsenal unissued condition!  Seriously, look no further.  All our Mausers are thoroughly cleaned, head spaced, and checked for function before they are even displayed.  No other distributor or retailer can claim that!

These 8mm Mausers are large ring Mausers built on Intermediate actions.

- Currently out of stock -

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