Russian Mosin Nagant’s

Russian m44 carbines:  We have a couple of Russian m44′s back in stock!

1944 Izzy – $275 + $20 shipping.

1945 Izzy – $275 + $20 shipping.

Russian m38 carbine:  We have a one m38 in stock!

1943 Izzy – $275 + $20 shipping.

Russian pre war Hex receiver m91/30:

Well it looks like they’re all gone?  ETA is unknown on future shipments…

Russian WWII round receiver m91/30:  We have these Russian issue Mosin Nagant rifles in stock.  Some poor conscript carried these rifles during WWII.  Dated from around 1935 to 1945.  This is our gun show special and we always blow these out!  NOBODY can beat our service, our price, and our attention to detail, NOBODY!  Come see our crates of Mosin Nagants at our store OR come see them at the gun shows!  We have them in stock and prices start at $159 (I bet we have at least 60 of them in stock right now)!

We have Izzy’s, Tula’s, and even a few ex snipers laying around!


We sell more Mosin Nagants in South Carolina than anyone else.  We usually have in stock Mosin Nagants from all around the world.  You never know what we’ll have in stock as our inventory shifts on a daily basis.  We are constantly on the lookout for good buys to pass along to you.  Stop by and see what we are talking about.  Here are a couple of advantages of buying a Mosin Nagant from SCGUNCO:

  1. We clean all of our Mosin Nagants – so that you don’t have to!
  2. We clean the bolts – so you don’t have to!
  3. We actually test each rifle for fit, form, and function.
  4. THIS IS THE BIG ONE:  We check each rifle with headspace gauges!
  5. We usually have more 7.62x54R in stock than anybody!

Tula OR Izhevsk?




 North Korean Mosin Nagant?




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