South Carolina Gun Company (SCGUNCO) is your premiere source for guns, ammunition, and accessories in the upstate. We are conveniently located in between Spartanburg and Greenville.  Nobody beats our prices or our service in this area.  We can just about order anything that you need if it is not in stock – turn around time is usually less than two business days.


TRANSFERS ARE ALWAYS $15 each and NOBODY beats that price or service anywhere!


NEED AR’s?  NEED AR mags?  Yep, we got ‘em..


NEED AK’s?  NEED AK mags?  Yep, we got ‘em..


We also have bulk AK & AR ammo!


MILSURPS?  We’re still the king of the Mosin Nagant series of rifles and we continue to have more of them in stock than anyone else in the area.  Check out our link (just in case the milsurp page is kaput remember that we actually clean each and every single Mosin Nagant AND we check them with headspace gauges for your safety).


Our website is going through some changes so be patient…she’s a work in progress.  If I’m not here (it does happen) ANY of our staff can help you – it’s their job and believe me they are empowered to do anything that I can do.


Our staff; Drew (USC Upstate Senior), Thomas (USC Upstate Senior & Army Reservist), & Matt (SCNG soldier).


Thanks for looking!

– Darrell